graham binnington architects
  • Contemporary Lakeside Lodge
  • Pickering, North Yorkshire
  • Stage 2: Concept

In the process of developing the architectural language for a large leisure site in North Yorkshire we looked at a luxury flat roofed villa option. Although we decided that ultimately this option would not fit with the context of the site as well as the chosen lodges, we were happy with the outcome of the process.

The high stone wall that extends up the side of the property would anchor the building to its location both physically and conceptually. The rest of the dwelling would be of a lightweight timber and glass construction. These lodges were specifically designed for the relatively high density layout in the leisure park and as such some of the windows either force views away from other lodges, using extruded boxes; or offer only glimpses of the outside world, giving the spaces natural light, but not encouraging overlooking. The stone wall also creates a screen wall for the large roof terrace.

All of the lodges would have had lake access so the large open plan living area at ground floor would be oriented towards the lake. The large chimney that echoes the stone of the opposite wall would offer inside/outside fireplaces to the living areas and Master Bedroom, with a BBQ at roof level.