The Wickets

  • Residential
  • Lund, East Yorkshire
  • Work Stage 7 - In Use
We were asked by the client to look at the possibility of designing a building with a more contemporary feel than the local vernacular but still encompassing the feel of a barn conversion. The village it is located within consists of mostly traditional looking dwellings and barn structures. The dwelling replaces the existing outbuilding which belonged to the adjacent property following a sale of the land.
  • Complete Front Elevation
  • Internal Render Showing the Dining Space

    Sizeable glass bi-fold doors link the kitchen dining space and sitting area to the garden, and views of the surrounding East Yorkshire countryside can be enjoyed from both. The entrance way has a direct view through to the garden making the dwelling feel both spacious and open.

  • Internal Render Showing the Entrance and Staircase

    The staircase makes a statement as you walk through the front door and draws your eyes upwards towards the expansive windows on the first floor allowing natural light to flood down within the dwelling.

  • Modelled View of the External Courtyard
  • Proposed Elevations
  • The exterior of the build was designed to appreciate the village it sits within, picking up on the local material palette of red bricks with a contemporary addition of the aluminium door and window frames.

  • Proposed Site Plan

    The landscaping of the property provided the client with some grand but functional external spaces. The courtyard situated at the rear of the property provided the client with the perfect outdoor entertaining space separated from the spacious green garden present to the front of the property. The planters and steps down towards the front entrance once again maintains the dwellings’ modernised aesthetic of a barn conversion.

  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan
  • Proposed First Floor Plan

    The open plan interior of the dwelling was exactly what the client wished for and the substantial glazing panels gave them the contemporary feel that they were after, as well as maximising the amount of natural light within the internal spaces.

  • Complete Interior Dining Space
  • Complete Entrance and Staircase

    The interior of the dwelling is spacious and open yet still manages to maintain a cosy and intimate feel within the space. The aluminium bi-fold doors maximise the views while a mixture of traditional style interior furniture with a contemporary colour palette gives this dwelling the perfect contemporary barn conversion feel.