graham binnington architects
  • House in the Woods
  • East Yorkshire
  • Stage 1&2: Concept/Feasibility

This project evolved into a significantly different building when the brief was finalised, however we believe the concept used in the early design process yielded an outcome that had high architectural merit in its own right.

The initial brief was to create a new dwelling under the canopy of a small woodland area on an East Yorkshire farm. We initially used these two main elements as design drivers using agricultural materials, like corrugated metal sheeting and timber, to clad a steeply pitched, gutterless, A-frame building which would shed the leaves and rain from the canopy above without catching them and requiring extensive maintenance.

The building was orientated with the gable pointing North to frame the view over the countryside and being that direct sunlight would be limited under the thicker part of the canopy anyway, regardless of orientation, all of the bedrooms were situated at the back of the building with large windows to look into the woodland.

Eventually, due to accommodation requirements the A-frame had to be enlarged but the principles of views and materials were retained. However, we rotated the plan and added wrap around corner glazing to the gable end to allow more views from the living area into the open countryside.